The Safest GPS Devices That Have Revolutionized Hiking

The importance of staying safe while hiking or enjoying other outdoor and wilderness related activities is not something that should ever be overlooked. Finding yourself lost, cut off from contact with those who would be able to render aid or unable to navigate your surroundings while on a hike could be nothing short of a [...]

Prepare and Beware: The Seven Safety Tips for Hiking

Hiking can be an exciting chance to spend time outdoors, explore new places and get some healthy exercise. To enjoy it safely, however, you must follow certain rules. Here are seven safety tips to keep in mind when hiking. 1. Don’t Hike Alone -You should have at least one companion so you can help each [...]

Protect Yourself from the Elements When Hiking

When you go hiking, it’s essential to prepare properly so you can enjoy yourself safely. Being outdoors is fun, but it also puts you in direct contact with nature. Here are some tips for protecting yourself from the elements when you hike. Dress in Layers -If you’re hiking for more than a couple of hours, [...]

What to Wear to Safely Hike Wilderness Trails

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while engaging in some fun and invigorating exercise. While experienced hikers will already know how to prepare for their hike, there are a few things that everyone should know about hiking safety. One of the best ways to ensure everyone’s safety on a hike is to [...]

Hiking Boots or Shoes: Making the Safest Choice!

Although there is a lot of necessary equipment for a successful hiking experience, the single most important consideration is your footwear. A properly fitting pair of shoes or boots means the difference between an enjoyable trek and a miserable one. Hiking boots are the traditional choice. However, hiking shoes are becoming more popular. Either can [...]

Every Safe Hike Begins With Good Hiking Boots

Good hiking boots are essential to good hikes. Find the perfect pair for you by following these tips. Match Your Ambitions If you are planning mostly day hikes, you don’t need a pair of beefy backpacking boots. If you plan on hiking for days at a time, you should look for something more substantial. Comfortably [...]