Exploring the Most Scenic Trails in Panama City, Florida

Discover some of Panama City's most scenic trails! From Econfina Creek to Point Washington State Forest to El Valle - there's something for everyone!

Exploring the Most Scenic Trails in Panama City, Florida

The Econfina Creek section of the Florida Trail, located north of Panama City, is a challenging hike that offers stunning views of the stream that bears its name. Highlights include the No Name Lake Trail, which provides access to the smallest of several dune lakes within the park's boundaries, and the Morris Lake Nature Trail, which brings together some of the area's impressive ecological diversity. This park is a result of the collaboration between Panama City Beach, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the U. S.

Department of Agriculture. The Army Corps of Engineers will protect water quality and natural habitat while providing an impressive recreational resource for both locals and visitors. The Panama City Conservation Park is a mosaic of pine groves, cypress domes, and several other upland and wetland environments. With more than 20 miles of trails divided into approximately a dozen separate routes, this park is a top destination for outdoor recreation on the Emerald Coast. Hiking options include the Eastern Lake Trail System, which includes several circuit options, including an 11-mile circuit that allows you to exercise outdoors and a study of native habitats and the natural landscape of the forest.

Check out the beauty of the wetlands at the Buttonbush Swamp Lookout and stroll through the coastal scrub and look for alligators along the Gator Lake Trail. The Point Washington State Forest is an area of 15,407 acres of protected land between Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Its pine-sand hills, flat forests and humid meadows include many delightfully quiet and wild corners, giving hikers a pleasant taste of solitude and adventure that is felt worlds away from the busy beaches. With circular trails ranging in length from 0.6 to 11 miles, this park encompasses nearly 3,000 acres with mostly flat trails, boardwalks, restrooms, picnic areas, and outdoor classrooms. At less than two miles, the green trail is ideal for short walks with children, while the yellow trail (4 to 7 miles) and the blue trail (5.2 to 6.5 miles) offer more ambitious hikes. Panama is home to many wild hiking adventures with fascinating flora and fauna.

El Valle is a popular weekend destination for city residents located two hours away from Panama City. This well-marked round trip trail can be steep and slippery but you'll be immersed in an evergreen jungle with tall trees, huge leaves and dripping vines dotted with brightly colored tropical flowers. The Panama City Beach Conservation Park is one of the region's top destinations for nature lovers with more than 24 miles of trails on its 2,900 acres. With an area of almost 3,000 acres in the West Bay ecosystem, this park represents an impressive day trip from Panama City Beach. Explore a chain of cypress trees and pine forests along an easily accessible trail that is a must on a visit to this park. Farout Apps provides comprehensive logistics and offline maps for the Florida National Scenic Trail (1500 miles), the Florida Keys Foreign Heritage Trail (108 miles) and the ECT Florida Connector (92 miles).

Gather a set of well-maintained trails to loop up to 11 miles through this vast protected forest and wetland area in Panama City Beach while most trails are not accessible; however Walt Oberst Way connects to Gayle's Trails which are paved bike trails that stretch to Frank Brown Park.

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